Periodontal Set Dr. Cardaropoli

Periodontal surgery set developed in collaboration with Dr Daniele Cardaropoli. The special octagonal handle with tips created from a solid block give the instrument formidable cutting ability and extreme precision in its management. In its entirety, the set provides a combination of surgical cutting instruments that are indispensable for periodontal-conservative and resective-regenerative surgery procedures. This set can be used during bone tissue remodelling and periodontal pocket decontamination and also during root planing. The probe, graduated in millimetres up to 15 mm, is essential for correct diagnosis and planning during the entire treatment plan.

70.B8015 Millimetre graduated probe 15mm DC1

70.B8013 Tissue dissector 13.5 cm DC2

70.B8151 Kramer-Nevins scalpel DC3

70.B7286 Papilla Elevator DC4

70.B7743 Micro Periosteal Elevator DC5

70.B8002 Straight Fedi chisel DC6

70.B8107 Rhodes back-action 36/37 DC7

70.B8274 Goldman-fox gf-4 DC8

70.B0052 Molt curette 2/4 modified DC9

70.B3119 Scaler M23 DC10

70.D0030 Instrument tray (for 10 instruments) 

Afmeting: 180 x 65 x 22 mm

Afmeting: 180 x 125 x 22 mm

Afmeting 250x170x22mm


Afmeting: 288 x 182 x 34 mm

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