Afmeting: 180 x 65 x 22 mm

Afmeting: 180 x 125 x 22 mm

Afmeting 250x170x22mm


Afmeting: 288 x 182 x 34 mm

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Set bestaat uit:

70H1007- Maxil Naaldvoerder recht 18 cm. Rond Handvat. Tip diamant gecoat.

70H1006- Maxil Micro Schaar gebogen 18 cm. 

70H1004- Maxil Micro weefselpincet 18 cm (Tip 1x2).

Developed in collaboration with Prof. Tiziano Testori, this set of micro-curettes allows a gentle separation of sinus tissues when access to the antral cavity is limited in size or to manage mucosa separation, in the presence of bone septum, too.

1 x 70.H0511 Micro Sinus #0

1 x 70.H0503 Micor Sinus #1

1 x 70.H0504 Micro Sinus #2

1 x 70.H0505 Micro Sinus #3

1 x Tray 70.D0030

70.B8015 Millimetre graduated probe 15mm DC1

70.B8013 Tissue dissector 13.5 cm DC2

70.B8151 Kramer-Nevins scalpel DC3

70.B7286 Papilla Elevator DC4

70.B7743 Micro Periosteal Elevator DC5

70.B8002 Straight Fedi chisel DC6

70.B8107 Rhodes back-action 36/37 DC7

70.B8274 Goldman-fox gf-4 DC8

70.B0052 Molt curette 2/4 modified DC9

70.B3119 Scaler M23 DC10

70.D0030 Instrument tray (for 10 instruments) 

The post-extractive kit developed with Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, has been designed to perform the extraction of dental elements in an atraumatic and minimally invasive way in order to keep intact the soft tissues, especially of the interdental papilla and of the cortical bone. 

The instrument Carda # 4, finds its application in the techniques of ridge preservation for the filling of the socket after extraction and in immediate post-extractive implants for filling the gap between bone and implant.

1 x 70.H0086 Sinus Curette TT1

1 x 70.H0087 Sinus Curette TT2

1 x 70.H0088 Sinus Curette TT3

1 x 70.H0089 Bone scope / compactor TT4

1 x 70.H0090 Retractor TT5

1 x Tray 70.D0030