The post-extractive kit developed with Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, has been designed to perform the extraction of dental elements in an atraumatic and minimally invasive way in order to keep intact the soft tissues, especially of the interdental papilla and of the cortical bone. 

The instrument Carda # 4, finds its application in the techniques of ridge preservation for the filling of the socket after extraction and in immediate post-extractive implants for filling the gap between bone and implant.

The micro elevator 70.H1520 is used to dislocate the root in the most atraumatic possible way.
Thanks to its small size, the cortical bone may be preserved.

The instrument 70.H1521 is used to make the initial sindesmotomy.
After you cut the fibers of the super-crestal attack thanks to its reduced thickness you will be able to easily penetrate into the periodontal space.

The curved instrument 70.H1523 has is field of use in anatomical areas diffi cult to reach by the corresponding straight instrument, especially in some parts of the sideposterior sectors.

The spoon side of the 70.H1519 instrument is used to bring the granules of biomaterial in the receiving site, both for the filling of the socket in the ridge preservation techniques and for filling the bone-implant gap in the immediate post-extraction.

Afmeting: 180 x 65 x 22 mm

Afmeting: 180 x 125 x 22 mm

Afmeting 250x170x22mm


Afmeting: 288 x 182 x 34 mm

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