9005 Allround Chirurgie Set (15 instrumenten + cassette)

€ 320,00

MA Dental covers most of the instruments required under regular dental surgeries. The surgery kit comes with a sterilization tray. It contains the following instruments:


1613 Sterilization cassettes Sterilization cassette for 20 instrument with removable top. 

2271-1 College tweezer, 15cm. 
2275 Adson surgery tweezer (1x2), 12cm. 
3025-cb Gold-man fox black scissor Curved 13cm - TC. 
1079 Root tip elevators 1.8mm, titanium coated instrument. 
2471 Langenbeck retractor, medium size 42x10mm (21cm).
1209 Filling remover (8mm handle). 
1062 Molt 5mm/8mm, periosteal elevator. 
1076 Universal curette M23, titanium coated instrument. 
2611 Crile wood needle holder, 15cm - TC.
2616-1 Hemostatic Forceps curved, 13cm.

1028 Scalpel handle.

1178-5 Probe CP-12, 3-6-9-12mm / Explorer 23 (Hollow handle Ø10mm). 
1034 Mirror handle, titanium coated, hollow-8mm. 
1001F Rhodium/Front Surface Mirror Ø22mm – no. 4. 
1061-85 Bone curettes 1061-85 Lucas 85.