€ 24,00

SCB1X Duo-Check Sterilization Pouches

1 Secure Seal: Duo Check offers extra wide chevron protection against instrument breaching, while Sure-Check offers advanced triple rail seal protection.
2 Medical Grade Paper: Wet strength treated, virgin medical grade paper that meets or exceeds medical pouch standards.
3 Blue Tinted Transparent Film: Facilitates both easy instrument viewing and identification of punctures or tears in film.
4 Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip: Easily and securely seals pouch, providing reliable seal until pouch is opened.
5 Perforated Fold: Facilitates easy, accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal until pouch is opened.
6 Complete Paper-Film Separation: Consistently clean separation (peeling) of paper and film is due to high grade materials and adhesives.
7 Thumb Notch: Assures easy opening of pouch.
8 Six Corner Tack Seals: Prevents corners from curling after sterilization. Tacks resist collection of dust and contaminants near seal.
9 Process Indicators: Internal and external indicators change color with sterilization heat, are easily visible, and are compatible with steam (indicators turn light brown) and EtO (indicators turn dark brown) sterilization agents.