€ 115,50

Hand Fuser is an external irrigation system used in cases where the implantology unit does not have a peristaltic pump or where supplementary irrigation is necessary during surgery. Irrespective of the rpm of the rotating instruments or their working angle, the Hand Fuser manual cooling system allows a regular flow of coolant to be obtained. Also, since it is a system external to the physiodispenser, it can easily be used to "wash" the surgical site and remove any bleeding that would make the bone surfaces difficult to inspect. The system is also suitable for irrigation during the final screwing in of the implant by torque wrench.

Content Set 30.E0008:

- 1 x Cuff Saline bag presser with pressure gauge and pump, which creates pressure on the bag of saline solution and pushes the cooling liquid towards the Omnirrigator syringe;

- 1 x 1/2 litre sterile solution (32.E0001) for cooling rotating surgical instruments;

- 1 x Omnirrigator (32.F1007): disposable manual irrigation system with button operated flow regulator, which enables the assistant to keep the surgical site clean and cool the implant site further.