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Diagnostic probe indicated for measurement of the trans-alveolar bone tunnel and determination of the external topography at the base of the sinus floor. Sinus curettes for use if the window for access to the antral cavity is greater than 15 mm. Atraumatic probe indicated for determination
of integrity and for initial elevation of the sinus
mucous membrane. The instrument is also useful for assessing
the tension and elasticity of the sinus mucous membrane
Fig. 10. The instrument can also be used
in final management of elevation for determination
of the size of the blunt dissection performed
and for condensation of the bone graft.


The use of EndoSINUS and CrestalSINUS devices allows you to optimize, accelerate and standardize the results of closed sinus elevation, despite the technique used to access the sinus floor.

The combined use of both these instruments with any technique of crestal elevation of the maxillary sinus allows you:

  • To obtain a precise measurement of the bone tunnel on the whole access osteotomy;
  • To control directly by touch the resilience and integrity of the sinus mucosa;
  • To detach more extensively and with direct control the sinus mucosa, avoiding all approximations arising from the interpretation of radiological images and reducing the risk of laceration;
  • To measure the real extensibility of the mucosa at the end of the detachment selecting the appropriate volume of the graft and the correct implant length;
  • To insert the graft material with a real control of the depth of placement.