€ 1.190,00

Micro Screws box is composed of:
Handle for screwdriver LM1 in titanium - 70.T1501
Screwdriver tip for Handle LM1, inner square in titanium - 70.T1601
Screwdriver for contra-angle handpiece, inner square in titanium - 70.T1600
1 Guide drill Ø 1.1 x 7 mm for microplates or mesh - 70.T0008
1 Guide drill Ø 1.5 x 15 mm - 70.M0032
5 microscrews – code at choice
1 Titanium mesh 0.1 mm thick - dim. 30x40 mm - 70.T1034

It may also contain:
2 additional guide drills at choice 70.T0008 / 70.T0007 /70.T0009 / 70.T0010
30 additional microscrews - code at choice
1 additional mesh 30x40 or 40x60  - 70.T1034 and 70.T1046

Lid with steel sliding closure.
Both box and lid have micro holes to allow adequate passage of vapor during the sterilization phase. Instruments slots were created with laser engraving.

Thanks to the box the surgeon has a safe place where to store the instrumentss and have them available during surgery. In this way the handling of the unpacked instruments and the related risk of its loss during surgery  is avoided.