Omnia Surgical Sutures a complete range of high-quality sutures made of silk, polyester, polyamid, monofast, absorbable PGA and PTFE.

Omnia® PTFE Sutures

Omnia surgical PTFE sutures are ideal for any implant, periodontal and bone graft surgery where the usage
of a monofilament suture with low bacterial adhesion is recommended. Omnia PTFE sutures are soft, biologically
inert and chemically non reactive. Compared to other monofilament synthetic sutures,
this material is highly tolerated in the oral cavity.


• Resistant
• Superior fluency in oral tissue
• Excellent biocompatibility
                                                                               • Biologically inert.
                                                                               • Monofilament
                                                                               • Comfortable and soft for the patient

PTFE suture is indicated for use in all types of soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including cardiovascular, dental and general surgeries, as well as
repair of the dura mater. The device is not indicated for use in ophthalmic surgery, microsurgery and peripheral neural tissue.


Omnia® PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) Sutures - Absorbable

PGA surgical suture is a synthetic absorbable surgical suture manufactured by weaving of woven polyglycolic
acid fibres. PGA suture has a layer of polycaprolactone copolymer. The absorption of the suture is essentially complete between 50 and 90 days. The sutures retain approximately 75% of the average tensile E.P. tensile strengh requirement at the end of the 2nd post implantation week, and more than 35% at the end of the 3rd week. It can be used in all the cases, when stitches do not need to be removed, and in particularly sensitive tissues along with absorbable membranes.


Omnia® Monofast Monofilament Sutures - Absorbable

Monofast is a synthetic absorbable sterile suture composed of a copolymer made from polyglycolic acid and polycaprolactone. The suture is easy to handle and glides through the tissue, it has a low memory effect and a high initial tensile strength which confer elasticity and improve knotting properties. MONOFAST elicits a minimal inflammatory response, followed by the on-site development of fibrous connective tissue. In periodontal surgery
its monofilament characteristics reduce plaque retention.The progressive loss of resistance to traction and absorption of the suture occurs by hydrolysis, in which the polymer breaks down into adipic acid which is subsequently absorbed and metabolized by the tissues. Absorption starts as loss of resistance to traction without                                                                                 a noticeable loss of mass. Retention of the MONOFAST suture is equal to 68-78% of the initial resistance                                                                                                 to traction after the first week and about 30% after the end of the second week. The suture is fully absorbed after                                                                               a period of 90-110 days. Its original tensile strength up to 14 days is high and is lost after 28 days.  


Omnia® Polyamid Sutures

Polyamide is a synthetic material which makes it possible to produce high quality non-absorbable monofilament sutures. The suture features a smooth, even surface, it is easy to handle and the monofilament has a low memory. The biological behaviour envisages a negligible tissue reaction, while the lack of bacterial adhesion and high resistance even with small diameters makes this suture ideal for all implant and periodontal procedures. The excellent quality price ratio extends its use to small extractive surgery.
• Excellent gliding through the tissues

• Easy to knot and excellent knot stability
                                                                              • Negligible bacterial adhesion


Omnia® Polyester Sutures

POLYOMINI surgical suture is a non-absorbable polyfilament suture, which is made of polyethylene teraphthalate
(PET), a biologically inert material causing minimal tissue reaction. Fibres are dyed in green with D&C Green No. 6 colouring agent. The suture is coated with silicone to make its surface smoother and uniform. It is characterized by a higher tensile strength than silk and a reduced risk of tissue reactions.

Omnia® Silk Sutures

OMNISILK surgical suture is a non-absorbable, natural protein fibre polyfilament manufactured by weaving an adequate number of silk fibres from Bombyx mori L. silkworm cocoons. Fibres are dyed in black with extract of Haematoxylon, and then decorated and purified so as to become reliable in terms of biocompatibility and absence of capillarity. They are coated with silicone and paraffin wax to make their surface smoother and uniform so as to pass more easily through
tissues. Finally, they are woven using a special process to make their surface compact, pliable, soft and easy
to knot, visible and easy to hand.



The 3/8 needle allows the clinician to pass from the buccal surface to the lingual surface in one motion, It is used most commonly for skin closure.




The 1/2 circle needle is traditionally used in more restricted area's; for instance, in the buccal of the maxillary  molars and the facial aspect of the maxillary and mandibular incisors.The 1/2 circle needle is routinely used for periosteal  and mucogingival surgery.

EXTRASHARP tip needle, Sharp body

The EXTRASHARP needle is designed specifically for surgery, where cosmetic results are important. Two sides sharpened thin point that allows a smooth and progressive penetration through the tissues and reduces the danger of tissue cutout. The needle is small, very sharp and requires little pressure during surgery. It maintains a optimal long-lasting cutting capacity .

HS Sharp tip needle, Sharp body.

The HS needle is also known as "triangular" or "reverse cutting" needle, since it has cutting edges on the sides and outer curve. Due to its cutting edges, this needle easily penetrates tissues and is suitable for almost all uses. It provides an excellent penetration capacity and great solidity, and is fit for sutures with periosteum incision and in case of thick mucosa.

HRT tip needle, diamond tip, Round body

The HRT needle has a quadrangular pyramid-shaped point and a round body. This particular shape allows any easy penetration of soft tissues without causing lacerations, and preventing the needle from rotating in the needle-holder. This needle is appreciated and suitable  for oral surgery.

HR tip needle with round tip, Round body

The HR needle is mainly used for soft tissues, and is characterized by a good penetration of tissues without causing lacerations or tissue damage.

Each Omnia's suture is protected by two blisters: the first, in medical paper, reports manufacturing information such as date of sterilization and the production batch for an easy tracking, and the second containing all the informations of the specific suture as shown in the figure next to the right.


Founded in 1990, Omnia SPA is now a leading company for disposable medical devices. The company's headquarters are in Italy, but through its dealers, the company's products are now available in 50 countries all over the world. As a worldwide producer in Custom Sterile Procedure kits, Omina is committed to quality. Omnia has been providing Sutures to dental clinics for over 20 years.

1.The production of Omnia’ s sutures is classified in a controlled environment “ISO Class 8” in accordance to EN ISO14644-1.

2. Our sutures are devices produced incompliance with the rules of Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices(updated and amended by Directive 2007/47/ EC) and the requirements of UNI EN ISO 13485:2012.

3. The sutures are packed in blister of medical paper and plastic film in accordance with very strict and rigorous procedures, in order to respond to the standard controls of the highest microbial and particulate.

4. The sutures are supplied in sterile and single used packaging , sterilized using ethylene oxide according to ISO 11135-1.

5. The sutures are in compliance with technical standards: USP 861 suture diameter; USP 871 suture-needle attachment  and USP 881 tensile strength.